About Us

Digitizing your business!

At Audit Monster, we believe that every business should make a difference to those around it and its environment. Gone are the days of utilizing archaic methods to get the job done, not thinking about future generations after ours. We believe digitizing is the key to sustainability in an ever technologically expanding world. Thus, we cater to digitize from start-ups to well-established companies.

Based in the beautiful holiday destination of Durban, South Africa, Audit Monster was established in 2020 and set initially to develop for Mystery Guest Auditors to digitize their processes. Although our focus was to initially develop the independent auditor sector, our horizons quickly expanded to various industries we were familiar with.

We develop digital services that allow our clients to streamline their internal processes to a digital format—Utilized from any mobile device. By utilizing our services, our clients have a cost-effective, instant method to track progress and aid their businesses in going green.

Unlike our competitors in the development industry, we have an unorthodox approach.

We do not believe in charging development fees. We want to encourage businesses to digitize from small to large enterprises.

We do not run application-based services and offer all our services on a web-based cloud platform to make them cost-effective for our clients.

We do not charge for future changes on any of our digital services. We believe change is inevitable and can only improve your digital experience.

We do not charge ridiculous fees for our digital services. We believe digitization is an essential part of any growing or established business.

Currently, we have more than 60 digital services in various industries from the Hospitality Industry, Security Industry, Logistics Industry, Human Resources Industry, Customer Care services, and businesses Internal Processes. Being aware of ever-changing policies and procedures, we continuously develop new digital services.

With directors with 25 years of corporate experience and a dedicated team supporting our business’s growth, we are always eager to assist potential and current clients to improve their business structure. We thrive on brainstorming new ideas and improving old methods.

We look forward to having you develop services with us. Assisting you to scale your business to the digital age and allowing a higher standard in your industry, improved accountability, and cost-effective procedures.

Should you have a digital service in mind that is unavailable in our brochures; please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Audit Monster Team