Avoiding Karen’s with the correct policies & procedures

Digitizing your business!

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As business owners, we all aspire our enterprises to run like a smoothly oiled machine. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. The reality is that there are businesses that have existed for over decades with their administration in shambles.

When it came to starting these businesses, everyone in management was eager to get the ball rolling, but few got down and dirty. And when you want to know how messy, I mean policies and procedures. No wonder we have an explosion of ‘Karen’ situations in establishments. If we are honest, these unpleasant customer complaints will hardly happen if we had proper policies and procedures.

When we look at policies and procedures in a business, it is not just a bunch of rules we want our staff, clients, and customers to follow. It is a reflection of how much we value our staff, clients, and customers. Having decent or even better excellent policies and procedures helps a business train their staff and, most importantly, implement new strategies within a company faster and more efficiently.

If you are of the few businesses that have done their part when it comes to policies and procedures, my question to you is, how is your internal auditing going? Hopefully, you are not still doing internal audits with that old arch lever file, passing it around the office like a hot potato game. Suppose you are, oh dear! I am confident at one stage you or your staff wished for an easier option. An option that was faster and easier and, most importantly, more innovative.

The solution to solving internal auditing nightmares is digitizing your business. You heard me. It’s moving your business into the 21st century, into the future, using the technology we surround yourselves with daily.

The concept might be very foreign to those passing that arch lever file around, and some might think it’s costly—an application for only large corporations. I will not disagree; in most cases, yes, considering the industry and complexity of an internal audit and legalities that have to follow for specific industries. But moving your business forward and making it grow in today’s market is starting with minor changes.

It can be, for example, for a logistics company to digitize their vehicle checks or a hotel group to digitize room checks for their duty managers.

With digitizing at least one crucial procedure in your business, you have already achieved efficiency in that department. Implementing a new training method of having a digitized training program, where staff can interact from their mobile anytime anywhere, and submitting their completion can help you keep track of what your team understands and in which department training is needed.

Now at this stage, I bet you think talk is cheap. Where can I ever digitize a part of my business if I already want to run away thinking of the costs? That’s where I have the solution for you. It is https://auditmonster.co.za Don’t start running when you read the word monster. Audit Monster sorts out those internal auditing nightmares, just like slaying the proverbial monster lurking there under your bed of arch lever files. And they are affordable too.