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Digitizing your business!

How Digitizing Your Organization Can Save You Money

Digitizing your organization can save you money in several ways: It can help you to reduce your overhead costs. If you can move your organization to a digital format, you will no longer need to pay for office space, paper, and other physical resources. Digitizing can help you to reduce your labour costs. If you…
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Why Company Culture Is Important To Employee And Customer Retention

Company culture is a set of shared values that provide an organizational identity. These values should promote the group’s unity, or as some say, “unite in diversity.” In this blog post, learn about creating a company culture and why you need it for employees and customers. What is Company Culture? Company culture is the set…
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Trying to avoid Corporate Bullies

Articles upon articles have been written about bullying in schools and playgrounds; it is clear that there’s a fight against bullying and whatever motivations it entails, but the cut-off seems to end when teenagers switch their tassels from right to left. Unfortunately, not quite as much has been written about workplace bullying, nor do we…
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