Digitizing your business!


You can use any device to complete digital audits/checks from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
We design our audits on an interactive theme that adjusts to the device you use to provide you all the features available and makes it easy to complete a digital audit/check anywhere, any time.

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We have added authenticity requirements to all our Digital Audits/Checks such as:

Digital backdating
Our digital audits/checks do not allow for backdating. The date the audit is received is the date it has been completed.

Auditor Signature
Each digital audit/check has to be signed by the auditor to allow submission.

Representative Signature
Each digital audit/check must be signed by the manager on duty or the company representative being audited/checked if specified.

Each audit is final
Once you received it, it is final and can’t be changed.

Category: Auditing
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Here at Audit Monster your information and customer’s information safety is important to us and we are fully Popi | Popia compliant.

What is Popi | Popia

POPI is short for the protection of personal information (a topic) as opposed to POPIA which is short for the Protection of Personal Information Act (the Act). … They are both topics which refer to the protection of personal information or data, and can be used interchangeably.

What measures have we taken

  • We only use third party suppliers who are Popi or GDPR compliant.
  • We do not share your customer’s or your information except in cases where required by Law.
  • We do not use your customer’s details to sell or for marketing purposes.
  • We have appointed a Popi Compliance Officer whom constant monitor the processes in place.
  • We only advertise for companies who are Popi compliant.
  • We only recommend third party auditors who are Popi compliant to use our services.
  • We use the best available web security program to secure the data being processed through our platform.
  • All our cloud services are secured by 2 factor authentication methods.
Category: Compliance
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If you have your own audits/checks/paper format that you want us to digitize, you can visit the contact us page. We will request an introduction to the audits/checks/paper format you would like to digitize and your outcome in mind. Our development team will develop the required digitization for free, present it to the interested party and adjust where required. Once completed with digitization, a company will have a password protected profile on our platform with all their required digital audits/checks to access.

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All our clients work on a 30-day account and will require you to fill in a credit application and submit relevant documentation. At the beginning of the month, you will receive your invoice for the month, which is payable by the last day of the month. We require a 30 day written notice from a client to cancel an account with us. Should we cease a business relationship with a client we will give a 30 day written notice to the relevant parties.

Category: Payments
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