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The Human Resources and Recruitment Industry is one of the vital industries in our economy. Without these industries, many businesses will cease to exist, as without HR Managers and recruiters, where will we obtain reliable staff and maintain a working relationship with them?

We know how daunting a job interview can be for a potential candidate, even more so for HR Managers and Recruiters to filter through hundreds and sometimes thousands of applications.

At Audit Monster, we have developed digital services to enhance these tasks, making employing and maintaining staff easy and hassle-free.

The Benefits of digitizing an establishment:

  • Streamlining your recruitment process
  • Digitized candidate questionnaires
  • Digitize staff training with online assessments
  • Digitizing employee induction programs
  • Conduct employee surveys with instant feedback
  • Conduct company wellness surveys regularly
  • Paperless administration, which aids a company in going green

At Audit Monster, we are constantly developing new digital audits/checklists to aid the Human Resources & Recruitment Industry. We currently have the following service available:

  • Digital Employee Take-On Forms
  • Digital Employee Induction Forms
  • Digital Employee Surveys
  • Digital Employee Training Forms
  • Digital Recruitment Questionnaires
  • Digital Company Wellness Surveys
  • Digital Stock Check
  • Digital Occupational Health & Safety Check
  • QR Code Services

Although digital development can be a time-consuming task, we strive to assist the Security Industry in keeping our community safe.

We believe in creating a sustainable world for future generations by embracing technology and going green.

Hence, we offer our clients no charge for the development or customization of audits/checks/QR Codes, thus enabling them to make the giant leap into digitizing at affordable rates.

At Audit Monster, we would like you to digitize your business.

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