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One of the critical factors of stagnant growth within a company is to cling to archaic administration systems. Technology makes our working lives more accessible, allowing us to focus on more critical aspects of our business.

If you are still managing internal audits with printed tick lists and training staff with printed manuals, now is the time to change your administration approach drastically.

Digitizing enables your business to go green and paperless. It might seem like a daunting task; that is where Audit Monster has affordable solutions for every aspect of your business.

The Benefits of digitizing an establishment:

  • Streamlining your business policies and procedures
  • Flagging issues immediately to the correct departments.
  • Saving on labour costs.
  • Monitoring staff productivity and accountability.
  • Reduces inefficiencies in administration
  • Reduces overall administrative costs
  • Reduces waste and saves your business money 
  • Aiding your establishment in going green

At Audit Monster, we constantly develop new digital audits/checklists to aid businesses from various industries. When it comes to paper methods and archaic procedures, we continuously endeavour to improve digitally. 

See our brochures tab on our website to view the digital process we have available for: 

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Logistics Industry
  • Security Industry
  • Human Resources& Recruitment 
  • QR Code Services for Customer Relations.

Below are examples of how we digitize an array of industries.

  • Digital Cleaning Checks
  • Digital Fire Equipment Report
  • Digital Service Report
  • Digital On-demand Quotes
  • Digital Bathroom Checks
  • Digital Quality Assurance Checks
  • Digital Production Facility Checks
  • Digital Retail Snag List Check
  • Digital Building Progress Checks
  • Digital Internal Health & Hygiene Checks
  • Digital Project Manager Report
  • Covid-19 Digital Decontamination Certificate
  • Digital Occupational Health & Safety Check
  • QR Code Services

Although digital development can be a time-consuming task, our passion is to improve customer service and enhance all Industries.

We believe in creating a sustainable world for future generations by embracing technology and going green.

Hence, we offer our clients no charge for the development or customization of audits/checks/QR Codes, thus enabling them to make the giant leap into digitizing at affordable rates.

At Audit Monster we would like you to digitize your business.

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