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Have you had a complaint recently in your establishment?

Did a customer rate your service poorly?

Can everyone view your reviews on social media?

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, don’t you think you should streamline your client/customer feedback?

Streamlining the way your clients/customers respond to your products and services allows you to improve and grow your business.

You may ask, How can I streamline my feedback? The solution is simple. It is to utilize QR codes within your establishment.

At Audit Monster we develop a unique QR code linked to an online digital form for either feedback or info for your consumers. Your code can be visually displayed within your establishment, such as at your till points, entrances, aisles, invoices, tables & social media sites. Your consumers can scan your QR code, and conveniently provide feedback, receive information, query or enter a competition. Once a QR code form is submitted, you receive instant email feedback to any email accounts you specify.

At Audit Monster, we are constantly developing new digital audits/checklists to aid the Customer Service Industry. We currently have the following QR Code service available:

  • General Feedback QR Code – compliments, complaints, suggestions or queries.
  • Informational QR Code – explainer videos, factual info or instructions.
  • Promotion QR Code – marketing campaigns linked to promotional vouchers.
  • Competition QR Code – competition entries.
  • Contact Me QR Codes – links to websites/social media accounts.
  • Service QR Code – to book a service or a repair.
  • Dealership QR Code – connect to potential buyers during and after hours.
  • Salesman QR Code – connect to potential buyers as well as protect personal contact info from the public.
  • Restaurant Rating QR Code – to rate restaurant service experience.
  • Mall QR Code – retrieve consumer experience.
  • Estate Agent Contact QR Code – connect to potential buyers and still protect personal contact info from the public.
  • Hospital Feedback QR Code – retrieve patient general experience of hospital/clinic
  • Patient Feedback QR Code – retrieve patient experience per ward.
  • How’s my Driving QR Code – driver monitoring.
  • Attendance Record QR Code – attendance recording
  • Educator QR Code – rate educational experience.
  • Customized QR Code – custom codes to suit your business requirements.

Utilizing QR codes benefit your business in many ways for example,

  • Feedback from your consumers not influenced by social media reviews.
  • Instant email feedback that allows you to contact your consumers immediately.
  • Feedback is sent to the relevant departments within your establishment instantly.
  • Easy direct link for your consumers when you are not available.
  • Determine consumer satisfaction rate from the feedback you receive.

We offer the following to our QR Code clients,

  • Unlimited feedback per month from their consumers.
  • We charge zero development fees.
  • We have an extensive range of QR codes available for various industries.
  • We will customize a QR code to suit your business needs.
  • We comply with the POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act of South Africa on all our digital platforms.

Need more info?

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We look forward to seeing you make full use of our services, contributing to your business success.

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