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Security in our everyday lives has become a vital aspect. We would like to believe we live in an ideal world where information has educated society, and the do-gooders of the community outweigh criminal activity. Unfortunately, the reality is far bleaker than what we would like to believe. With a rise in unemployment rates across the globe, criminal activity has become a significant part of our lives. We are no longer safe in our homes, and our businesses become targeted daily.

In such a vital industry, we strive to streamline the Security Industry to keep members of the Security Industry safe and the rest of the public.

We have digitized various aspects of the Security Industry by digitizing internal audits/checklists keeping every Security Company running as smoothly as the rest of their operation.

The Benefits of digitizing an establishment:

  • Streamlining your daily operations in your establishment.
  • Flagging issues immediately to the correct departments can aid in keeping your staff safe.
  • Saving on labour costs.
  • Monitoring staff productivity and accountability.
  • Streamlining your guest relations.
  • Saving costs on office supplies and administration.
  • Aiding your establishment in going green

At Audit Monster, we are constantly developing new digital audits/checklists to aid the Security Industry. We currently have the following service available:

  • Digital Security Manager Visit Report
  • Digital Property Visit Report
  • Guard On Duty Report
  • Digital Firearm Check
  • Digital Incident Report
  • Digital Maintenance Checks
  • Digital Vehicle Checks 
  • Digital Occupational Health & Safety Check
  • Digital Self Defence Workshop Checks
  • QR Code Services

Although digital development can be a time-consuming task, we strive to assist the Security Industry in keeping our community safe.

We believe in creating a sustainable world for future generations by embracing technology and going green.

Hence, we offer our clients no charge for the development or customization of audits/checks/QR Codes, thus enabling them to make the giant leap into digitizing at affordable rates.

At Audit Monster, we would like you to digitize your business.

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