Popi | Popia Compliant

Here at Audit Monster your information and customer’s information safety is important to us and we are fully Popi | Popia compliant.

What is Popi | Popia

POPI is short for the protection of personal information (a topic) as opposed to POPIA which is short for the Protection of Personal Information Act (the Act). … They are both topics which refer to the protection of personal information or data, and can be used interchangeably.

What measures have we taken

  • We only use third party suppliers who are Popi or GDPR compliant.
  • We do not share your customer’s or your information except in cases where required by Law.
  • We do not use your customer’s details to sell or for marketing purposes.
  • We have appointed a Popi Compliance Officer whom constant monitor the processes in place.
  • We only advertise for companies who are Popi compliant.
  • We only recommend third party auditors who are Popi compliant to use our services.
  • We use the best available web security program to secure the data being processed through our platform.
  • All our cloud services are secured by 2 factor authentication methods.
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