What we do?!

Digitizing your business!

At Audit Monster, we digitize your business’s internal audits | checklists allowing you to access them on an online platform, from a smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

Digitizing your internal procedures become user-friendly, easily accessible, and cost-effective as it is a paperless method, aiding your business in going green.

What type of internal audits | checks do we digitize? We can digitize any internal processes in your business.

For example: Vehicle checks; Room checks; Float checks; Stocktakes; Mall or School Bathroom checks; Attendance Registers; Maintenance checks; Livestock checks; Building progress checks; Manufacturing checks; Health & safety checks; Patient care checks; Mechanical checks; Maritime checks; Aviation checks; Project progress checks; Retail snag list: Security checks; Quality assurance checks; Recruitment Questionnaires; New Employee Take-On Forms; Induction Documents & many more.

Digital staffing audits and online training forms can also be created and developed to train your staff on your current policies and procedures.

When it comes to our development, we pride ourselves in aiding businesses in going green; thus, we charge no development fees or fees when altering existing internal audits | checklists.

All our digital audits | checklists we develop

  • require a digital signature upon submission, allowing you to hold the relevant staff accountable for their departments or process that need to be conducted.
  • we would like to minimize the risk of fraud in your business; thus, you cannot backdate float checks or stock-taking audits/checks developed by us.
  • when submitting an audit/checklist, the relevant departments you specify is emailed instantly, aiding you in staff accountability.
  • We are also POPIA Compliant, so your information is safe with us.

Digitizing internal audits is not all that we do. We also conduct independent QR feedback surveys for your business.  Our QR feedback surveys give a consumer the platform to:

Compliment; Complain; Queries; Suggestions or even enter competitions…all on one platform.

about your business, directly to you.

This is made possible by a QR code we create and develop for your business that links directly to your digital survey. Visually displaying your QR feedback codes in your business, invoices, or social media platforms allows the public to give you feedback about your business instantly.

At Audit Monster, we comply with the POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act of South Africa. Complying with the POPI Act ensures we are protecting your clients, customers, and the public once they submit feedback to you.

We currently have the following QR Feedback survey codes:

QR General Feedback Code – Ideal for compliments/complaints/queries/suggestions & competitions.

Dealership QR Feedback Code – Ideal for car dealerships to receive feedback after hours. A lead can upload a photo of the vehicle they are interested in when submitting.

Salesman QR Codes – Ideal for sales representative that would like to protect their personal contact details and still receive a query from a potential client or customer. A lead can upload a photo of the vehicle they are interested in when submitting.

Contact me QR Feedback Code – Ideal for an individual/real estate agent that would like to protect their personal contact details and still receive a query from a potential client or customer.

QR Restaurant Rating Code – Ideal for restaurants that would like their service rated.

Info QR Code – Ideal for establishments that would like to share additional information about their property/service/products/manuals/directions or additional reading material.

We are continuously creating QR feedback surveys for various industries and customized QR feedback codes for businesses. With no development or alteration fees charged with our QR feedback code development, receiving valuable feedback for your business has never been easier.