What’s Holding Your Business Back?

Digitizing your business!

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Here at Audit Monster, we know that achieving business success can sometimes feel like an exercise in luck – you can put in the work, deliver a great product or service, and still not see the results you were expecting. If you’re shaking your head in despair at these thoughts, it may be worth your while to consider how your customer relations are faring.

Many competent business owners think that they provide good customer service, but in today’s day and age, the bare minimum is not good enough. There’s no participation trophy; you have to be the best. Customers in 2021 want to feel valued and heard; they want personalized and attentive service and are no longer satisfied with being just another number in your books. And really, can you blame them?

When analyzing this topic, Forbes found that US customers show loyalty to companies that treated them in a pleasing way and provide excellent customer service. They will choose to spend more of their money on these businesses rather than companies with sub-par customer relations. And don’t think that’s just another American trend that takes ages to reach our shores.  The South African Customer Satisfaction Index stated that consumers of this country have customer satisfaction and the trust they feel for service providers at the forefront of their minds when scrutinizing their financial decisions.

Customer service is not just about your brand’s reputation; it directly affects your income and success.

The current state of globalization in our society means that your customers have many choices readily available, just a quick Google search away! If they feel that they can get better customer service elsewhere, they’ll be gone in a flash, and the research proves it. We certainly don’t want that!

We know you care about your customers, but it is also important to you to not ruin your profit line by focusing on ways to keep the masses happy. There is no point in over-spending on different offers and services related to customer relations if eventually there’s no company left to offer these services! So, what are your options for affordably improving customer relations?

Well, that’s where Audit Monster comes in. We are all about improving your customer relations by making all feedback easily accessible and understandable to you. We can help by providing a QR coded feedback survey so that your customers know that they always have a voice. Still, those positive and negative comments are emailed straight to your business instead of getting lost on different social media platforms or through various staff members. Utilizing QR coded feedback surveys can mean the difference between good and excellent customer relations because the communication is open. Customer issues can be dealt with efficiently at affordable rates, giving you value for your money with our services.

In taking the giant leap of initially digitizing your customer service, you will not only reap the monetary benefits of a paperless practice you will be aiding your business gradually in going green.

Please look around our website for more information or download our latest QR code services brochure, and contact us with any queries. We can’t wait to help you digitize your business.